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Why You May Want to Consider a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Before You Marry

A pre-nuptial agreement, also known as a “prenup,” is a contract executed prior to marriage that secures each person’s assets and wishes in case of divorce or death of either spouse. This means that in the event of divorce or death, all agreed-upon assets may not be shared and are preserved by the spouse who owned the asset upon entering the marriage or as otherwise agreed to in the agreement. This agreement is a great way to begin a marriage because it removes uncertainty and there is no reason to fight over money or assets during the marriage.

While pre-nuptial agreements are more common in later (2nd , 3rd, etc.) marriages, they are important in 1st marriages, too. An experienced estate planning attorney will draft and execute your pre-nuptial agreement to avoid potentially expensive mistakes and preserve your assets after the marriage ends.

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