Whether selling or buying residential or commercial property, parties to a real estate transaction require the services of an experienced real estate attorney to protect their contractual interests and ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly.  A real estate attorney guides you throughout the process from contract negotiation through closing.

How much does it cost to use a real estate attorney?

An experienced real estate attorney saves you money to prevent making costly mistakes when you buy what may be your most expensive asset.


What does a real estate attorney do?

A real estate attorney represents a client in the sale or purchase of a residential property (house, condominium unit, or cooperative unit) or a commercial property and performs the following tasks: Preparation and Negotiation of the Residential Contract of Sale; Review of Title Report; Communications with Client and other attorneys, as necessary; Attendance at Closing; and Preparation of the Closing Statement.  

When should I hire a real estate attorney?

The best time to retain a real estate attorney is:

  1. For the Seller – before you list your property so that you are aware of legal issues which affect your sale; or 

  2. For the Purchaser – before you look for a property to purchase so that the attorney may advise you as to legal pitfalls to avoid before you fall in love with a specific property.

Either way – earlier is always better than later!